Holidays cottages, agritourism and farm stays in Spain

Sustainable tourism has many aspects and there are different types of tourism. In particular, we deal with agrotourism and farm stays. This type of rural ecotourism is a rewarding experience for the whole family. You will enjoy nature from the inside, living and doing traditional rural lifestyle activities.
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Agrotourism in Spain requires a greater involvement on the part of the users who choose this type of tourism. This is farm stays in Spain where you have to be proactive such as feeding livestock, growing and cooking with your own produce, drinking from a botijo, tasting cider directly from a barrel... The activities depend on the rural area of Spain you are in and the type of involvement you want to have. Our country has the most Biosphere Reserves, with large national parks and numerous natural parks. It is the perfect type of ecotourism to go with your family and your children. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a few days in the purest nature.

Do you know what agritourism and ecotourism are?

The main difference in relation to traditional rural tourism is that in conventional rural accommodation there is no tourist offer or activities to complement the stay in the accommodation. On the other hand, these two innovative models have sustainable tourism activities that have in common everything related to the countryside, rural environments, nature and respect for it.

Basically, agrotourism is a form of rural tourism where the accommodation is located in small farms or rural houses with activities related to farming. Users of agritourism in Spain enjoy direct contact, not only with nature, but are fully immersed in the traditions and the rural way of life of the peasant population, thus generating links with the local population.

Tourists become part of the environment, experiencing from the inside the processes of production and transformation of local livestock or agriculture, enjoying first-hand the local gastronomy. All of this will help the economic improvement of the habitat and a greater awareness of the environment.

Ecotourism is a form of ecological tourism where you visit natural areas and try to alter as little as possible the natural environment where you are travelling. It is about enjoying and appreciating the fauna, flora, landscape and all the traditions or cultural expressions of the people you visit. The characteristics that it must have to be considered ecotourism are:

  • Maximize positive synergies in the host community.
  • Minimal impact on the environment.
  • Active participation in local communities.
  • Environmental education on conservation should be provided.

The aim of ecotourism is to reduce negative impacts on the socio-cultural and natural environment as much as possible. Amongst other things, this will lead to the protection of natural areas and the socio-economic development of the local population.

Farm accommodation with activities

Types of accommodation according to activities

Spain has a wide range of rural accommodation all over the country. Our mission at AgroturismoEspañ is to facilitate the booking of these establishments. As we have been saying, Spain is the European country with the largest number of Biosphere Reserves and most of the agrotourism establishments are located near or within the different National Parks.

When we talk about rural tourism, we are not only referring to nature, but also to culture, village traditions and the type of traditional agriculture and livestock farming. To stay in a rural environment you have the following possibilities:

Rural hotels and holidays cottages in Spain

At AgroturismoEspañ, as well as agroturismos, you can find the best rural hotels with the most charm in Spain. Rural accommodation that will offer you a personalized service and, unlike the type of agritourism, in these hotels you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, comfort and gastronomy of the area where they are located. Moreover, in a more relaxed way, you will be able to do rural tourism.

Accommodation with a farm

As you can see from their name, these establishments consist of activities focused mainly on the tasks carried out on farms. In a didactic way, we immerse ourselves in the chores of the farmers and we will have to do the typical tasks of the livestock and agricultural world: feeding animals, milking cows and goats, accompanying sheep herding, collecting eggs from the hens, donkey or horse riding... An experience to live with the family!

Luxury villas and country houses

If you are looking for accommodation where comfort is the most important thing, we recommend you take a look at these luxury villas and country houses. Stays in the heart of nature with exclusive treatment and the best facilities, where the price is not so important, but what is valued are the details. Villas that stand out for their quality, carefully decorated and with spectacular views of the natural surroundings where they are built.